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The Caravan Park Industry in Australia is the most advanced in the entire world and if you’re reading this then you are perhaps new to the Industry. The playground is one of the most important aspects of your park and in the competitive environment you’ve entered there are two categories of Playground activity that you simply must have in order to compete. They are ‘Water’ be it a (swimming pool or splash pad) and ‘A Jumping activity’, the giant pillow shaped object you have noticed in leading Caravan Parks around the Country is likely to be a Kangaroo Jumper..

Adding a Kangaroo Jumper to your playground is a ‘No Brainer’ as all of our installs around the world have resulted in the Park Owner being more than satisfied with its popularity, safety and its ability to attract new visitors. If your Caravan Park is in a competitive location then you can expect an immediate increase of 15% - 20% increase in Bed Nights.

Like most playground items you have choice and we sincerely hope that you determine that the Kangaroo Jumper is indeed the best choice for your requirements. When comparing products price alone is not the astute way to make a choice. Safety Features, Warranty, Life of the Product and the Integrity of the company you’re dealing with all play a major part in the astute decision making process.

We believe (actually we know) that ‘Playsafe Products Pty Ltd’ are head and shoulders above our competitors when it comes to these important decision making factors. Please use our experience and knowledge of the Caravan Park Industry to help you determine what’s right for your specific circumstance.




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