WHY BUY FROM US? - Because we don't cut corners
Here is just one example

The very first job for the new company at a Discovery Park in NSW. It was supposed to be a simple replacement of their old Kangaroo Jumper canvas but upon arrival there were 3 notable problems.

1/ One corner was so low that tonnes of sand had migrated to it causing that corner to be covered in a significant depth of sand, this not only looked odd and very uneven but it also restricted the jumping surface.
2/ One side had a large cave-in of the edge about 2m long and this caused the edge to be extremely uneven.
3/ One corner was completely lost due to another cave-in during the first installation and this caused the corner to adopt a very large radius which also looked very bad and further restricted the jumping surface.

After further investigation I found that this was actually the third install and the first was a Jumping Pillow and it was that original install that had caused the problem, sadly when the second Kangaroo Jumper was installed my previous distributor simply installed over the top of the existing problems. Both companies have a lot to answer for!

This IS NOT how the new Kangaroo Jumper company works and we set about doing what should have been done years ago.



Re-building the collapsed trenches -
We formed up and braced the plywood at the correct height before filling up the inside with sand to create the new side edge and corner. Looks Good so far!

We planed the edge of the plywood to relieve the sharp corner then covered the edge with two layers of old canvas.

The low corner was built up with sand to the new height of the plywood and with the new canvas in place, stretched and tied down all that was left to do was backfill.
The photos below show the finished product now with straight sides and corner and the overall surface far more level than it was.

This job exemplifies what we are all about - 'Doing the job right the first time' and I suspect we'll be correcting JPA and other previous installs for some time.


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