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1. We Supervise:

Installing a Kangaroo Jumper is not rocket science however it is an exacting process. After installation you want the jumper to inflate to the right height and be level, achieving this requires knowledge of procedures. Of course, like most jobs there is a hard way and an easy way. Our on-site Supervisor has all the answers and will ensure that you achieve the best possible installation.

Different soil types, the existence of a water table, drainage problems, tree preservation, existing concrete pad etc. are some of the reasons the install method may vary. We have 5 install methods that we commonly use around the world – all are successful! Our onsite Supervisor has the knowledge to overcome unforeseen issues and he has the direct back-up from our Principal Gary Wakerley whose experience in installations and problem solving is unmatched.

The cost of this service will vary depending on location! Travel and accommodation costs will impact on the final price.

Do It Yourself:

Not something we recommend however we won’t leave you alone if you do! For a DIY install we charge you $250 and for that you get a comprehensive Installation Manual and then on the day our supervisor is in contact with you prior to each phase of the install. He will look at photo’s you take of the previous work and give the go ahead to complete the next phase etc.

If you follow the install manual and take the photos and make the calls, you will be successful.

Replacing a Canvas:

On site Supervision and DIY options are available for a replacement also!

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