the safest Jumping type product on the market!

In order to talk about safety features it is first necessary to understand how injuries can occur.

The Hard Edge - Sand Depth Indicator: Kangaroo Jumper Exclusive
Exposure of the Hard Edge is the most common cause of injury. The sand or pea gravel is constantly being pushed away from the edge as people plunge into it when getting off the Jumper. For that reason it is necessary to maintain that coverage by raking back the sand to its original position. We have devised a way in which ground staff can see at an instant what the coverage is in any given area of the perimeter and this makes maintenance easy to control. Our sand depth indicator makes life easier for ground staff and provides a safer product!


Permanently Covered Hard Edge - Kangaroo Jumper Exclusive
When the hard edge is exposed it is simply dangerous! The use of sand to cover this hard edge has worked fine for years however it does require constant maintenance keeping the sand at the correct depth, it also requires topping up each year and history shows that most folks have a system in place to regulate the sand depth. Some don't! We now have the ability to do away with the sand and cover the hard edge permanently, this means no maintenance, no ongoing costs of sand replacement and as a bonus the elimination of abrasion on the surface extends the life of the canvas. Looks Great as well!

Other causes of Injury include:
Out of control 'Big People' hurt 'Little People' and 'Overcrowding' can cause crashes. These items are completely eliminated when participants follow the Jumping rules. This comes under the heading of on-site 'Jumper Management'.

It's all about Insurance & Statutory Law:
Sixteen years ago I introduced the 'J/Pillow' to the industry in the USA and Canada and the success of the product and the positive impact it has had on those who have installed it is well documented. We have tried desperately along the way to maintain an envious safety record and we've succeeded. We're always studying the cause of even the slightest injury and it's this information that has been used to upgrade and innovate and to keep our product well ahead of competitors. Consequently, there are additional safety measures incorporated into the 2013 model (and beyond) and are exclusive to our product 'The Kangaroo Jumper'. Since 2013 until now, these additional measures have proven to make our product safer!

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