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The thing I always enjoyed about the Caravan Park industry was the Park Owners and the personal relationships and friendships formed along the way. I’ve been away for 15 years but watched closely as the Industry continued to grow and prosper. The Jumper has become an integral part of the playground landscape in Australia and overseas. There has been some turmoil though and the attempts by those who have an interest in keeping the product choice ‘one dimensional’ have disgusted me.

It is time to ‘Stop the Rot’ and just get on with it, tell the truth and for God’s sake show some Business Integrity. The Caravan Park Owners deserve a competitive market, they deserve to hear the truth about product and the public deserve the very best product.

I am unashamedly ‘Old School Australian’ where black is black and white is white, when you deal with Playsafe Products P/L you are dealing with me and all of my Distributors and or staff worldwide are of the same ilk. If you choose an opposition product over mine we’re ok with that, my job is to communicate truth and facts and lend my knowledge and experience to your decision making process then let the cards fall where they may. At the end of the day both products will serve you well and as my Father used to say ‘Son! ALL beers are good, just that some are better than others - same applies for Jumpers!

I’m really looking forward to the next few years, I’ve missed working with Australians in Australia and maybe I’ll meet some old mates along the way!

Gary Wakerley


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