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2020 Outdoor Kangaroo Jumper Sizes

These prices include all installation components and signage, the price does not include GST, Freight and Installation. If you are wanting to replace an existing Jumper then there will be a reduction in these listed prices.


 Size & Capacity


Monitor Fee

 We Supervise the Install
Size 3  8.9m x 10m (20 PS)  $10450.00 $295  Quoted
Size 4 11.85m x 10m (20)  $11450.00 $295  Quoted
Size 5 14.80m x 10m (28) $13300.00 $295  Quoted
Size 6 17.07m x 10m (35) $14700.00 $295  Quoted
Size 7 20.70m x 10m (40) $15990.00 $295  Quoted

 Size 7 Jumbo

 20.70m x 12m (46)

$295  Quoted

Want to make it a 'No Sand' option - ask us to quote you both!
Size & Capacity: This measurement is the actual size of the canvas The (number) is an idea of how many mixed aged jumpers at one time.
DIY Install: 'Do It Yourself Install'
DYI Monitor Fee: We monitor your 'self installation' at every stage - ask us how!
PS = Pre Schoolers

 Options Include: Get a Quotation

  • No Sand Option (POA)
  • DIY Installation!
  • Standard Life Material or our Exclusive Long Life Material
  • Permanent 'Soft Edge' - Major Safety Upgrade Exclusive
  • Additional Signage (Standard signage included in all prices)
  • Your Company Logo

If you are comparing prices please note that we are not interested in our opposition prices however if we are aware of what product you are comparing, then we are happy to provide you with the honest accessment of the product differences. This way you will be positioned to make a decision knowing all of the facts!

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