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The fact is that the market in Australia has been hoodwinked for years' about our installation methods, our competitor has been a crusader with making disparaging comments about our install methods suggesting that there is one method and one method alone (theirs of course!).

Interestingly! Their own distributors in the USA & Great Britain use our installation method. Want proof? Just have a look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R85q88jtoB8

Fellow Owners & Managers! Integrity is at the core of how I run Playsafe Products Pty Ltd and I will stand by anything and everything said on this website. It was the constant battle to bring integrity to the table that caused me to leave the JP family and go it alone. When it comes to installation, I believe that I speak with more authority and knowledge than anybody else in the world on the particular subject.

There is nothing wrong with JPA's install method in fact, I've installed probably 200 Jumpers using it when I was their Distributor in the USA. The problem is that of those 200 there were problems with approx. 20 of them, that particular method (like all methods) isn't right for all installations. The trick is knowing when it's not going to be right and having an alternative install method that overcomes the particular problem.

We now have 5 different install methods, all work just fine, all have their place and time for use. I've used these methods to install around 2,000 Jumpers worldwide and I have personally installed 400 or so. Fact Check: Our most used installation method is used by their own distributors in other Countries! So it's time to stop the rot!!

Compliance with Installation and Safety:Fact Check: On the 24th. April 2014 the Kangaroo Jumper product and Installation methods (for both the sand and no sand products) was certified having met/exceeded Australian Standards 3533.4.1 and Australian Standards 4685.1.3 (Land borne Inflatable devices). Certificate held at office.

Unfortunately, there are those kinds of people who will do anything and say anything just to make a buck - we at Playsafe Products Pty Ltd are not of that ilk.

The photo is the result of doing it right! Happy faces jumping safely. The Boss is on-site to ensure that the result is in keeping with the high standards of the Park. Our knowledge of installation methods is acquired from practical experience and not from sitting in an office contemplating theory.

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