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Regular PVC Canvas:

Jumpers have been made from regular pvc canvas for a very long time and it works fine however, this canvas is produced primarily for the production of Trailer and Train soft sides (Curtains) and when used for this purpose they have a very good life span. The reason is that the curtains spend their life in the vertical position where the exposure to UV is minimal, once you use this material in the horizontal position then the UV exposure increases significantly and that is why the same fabric, exposed to the sun for the same length of time will last for a different length of time.

When the Jumper was introduced into Australia in 2003 this was the material used and it wasn’t until recently that the superior Kangaroo Jumper (made from a much higher UV resistant material) over time forced the entire worldwide market to change to the longer lasting material.

The thinking by competitors was ‘why change and replace a Jumper every 6-8 years when we can use regular material and replace every 3 years’? That manner of thinking is the difference between ‘Business Integrity’ and a lack of.

Our Premium Material:

It is identical to the regular material except it has the maximum amount of UV resistance additive in the pvc compound, consequently it lasts approx. twice as long as regular material. It was Playsafe Products who convinced the makers to formulate this new material and for a time it was exclusive to Kangaroo Jumper however now our competitors use it as well.

Interestingly, when we first introduced the Kangaroo Jumper to the Australian market, JPA spent years trying to convince the Caravan Park owners that our material claims were false. Now they use it!


As you can see by the map below Australia has extreme differences in average annual UV from one region to another. To give a ‘one warranty that fits all’ would seriously disadvantage those clients located in the less extreme regions as the warranty would have to be based on the harsher regions.

There are also other factors that come into play e.g. a Jumper with a shade structure or natural shade will last longer in any region. So a client who goes to the effort and expense to shade their Jumper gets no advantage from a warranty policy! Does not seem right does it?

So, to be fair to all we have re-invented the wheel when it comes to warranty. Simply put, after you buy your Kangaroo Jumper from Playsafe Products Pty Ltd. Your second purchase (replacement) will attract a $2000 discount. It does not matter what region you are located in. This is fair to all and the discount is also transferable if you sell your business.

When you buy a Kangaroo Jumper you can be assured that you are getting the best material available ‘guaranteed’. So, "How long will your Jumper last?" How long is a piece of string? The real answer is 4 - 12 years.

If you buy a Jumper based on a Pro-Rated Warranty then those who are located in the extreme regions will probably get a discount on their second purchase. We give that discount to ALL!

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