Kangaroo Jumper

the safest & most advanced Jumping Product on the market!

OwnerIn Australia 'Playsafe Products Pty Ltd' is the sole supplier of the Kangaroo Jumper and is owned by Gary Wakerley, an Australian who previously was the Jump/Pillow distributor for the USA and eventually in 2010 went on to create the now famous Kangaroo Jumper.

By bringing the Kangaroo Jumper into reality in 2010 we effectively raised the bar on Safety, introduced a new longer life material, increased the warranty period and added an additional 4 installations methods to overcome the shortfalls of the one dimensional method being used at the time.

pillows jumping

Since that time Playsafe Products has increased its range of services to include Playground Safety Consultancy, cross platform product supply and Installation Instruction and Supervision. The Kangaroo Jumper is manufactured in Australia, the USA and Great Britain and Playsafe Products operates differently in each country. Our Australian operation holds a $20mil Public Liability Policy when our supervisors and consultants are on your property.The Kangaroo Jumper exceeds all Australian Standards pertaining to Manufacture and Installation and holds certification for same and that includes all product options and installation types.

So next time you see that giant Pillow shaped Jumper in the Playground it's likely to be a 'Kangaroo Jumper'

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Effective immediately, all Kangaroo Jumpers in Australia will be produced using this new safe and healthy material! No price increase through 2020. Itís our way of supporting your efforts to keep your clients safe and healthy.



 With 16 years' experience and over 2000 installations we are positioned to serve you well. We absolutely stand by our products and in doing so we offer the very best prices, options, warranty and unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the business sectors we serve. Guaranteed!

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